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Quality and customer service, also in Ibiza and Formentera.

Ibiza & Formentera properties

In addition to the rehabilitation and maintenance of office and premises rentals owned in Barcelona, ESPAFI, S.A. owns other properties en Ibiza and Formentera. As in Barcelona, our construction philosophy, finishes and business is also based on the highest quality and attention to detail, although with different uses and functions.

This branch of ESPAFI, S.A. business takes place between Ibiza and Formentera, with the following properties:


Boutique hotel en Ibiza

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Villas de alquiler en Formentera

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Villa de alquiler en Ibiza

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Villa de alquiler en Ibiza.

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Villa en alquiler - Ibiza

Villa de alquiler en Ibiza (Jesús).

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Apartamento 1 suite en Ibiza centro, la marina

Apartamento en Ibiza centro, la marina.

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