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Cuidamos todos los detalles


In Espafi, SA we don’t like to leave any detail randomly in terms of our clients, therefore their integration to their new working space and also its maintenance, are our priorities of our guest service focus, since we perfectly know that being confortable in a workplace and the image offered to their clients are both crucial to push and make succesful their businesses.

Taking into consideration our philosophy of working, not only the offices but also the retail spaces have the current and completely necessary installations to better develop their day-to-day, such as the air conditioning and individual heating installations, the structured network wiring with RAC,

the fiber optics installation, TDT anthene, robe and fire alarms, 24 hrs video protection cameras, two bathrooms, cleaning service for common areas, maintenance responsible, and even a concierge, fingerprint building access and private parking area, in the concrete case of Casa Berenguer.

The rehabilitation, conservation and maintenance of our buidings, offices and retail spaces, is our main priority for us, offering to all our clients an exclusive and high quality product, but also a concrete, efficient and effective solution to all the issues they could have in the future.